For some children, remaining at a local mainstream school, with the right support in place based on the evidence within an EHC plan, can be a good solution. But nothing will ever compare to fully embracing a specialist setting which offers bespoke provision delivered by a multidisciplinary team of dedicated professionals.

Selecting from the wide choice of schools, each focusing on particular specialties, enables your child to learn in a setting among children having similar profiles, with staff and on-site therapies tailored to meet their specific requirements.

Teaching and learning styles, as well as staff training, can be adapted to match the cohort. The professionals within these special schools and colleges have found their vocation in teaching children and young people who learn just like your son or daughter.

Finding suitable placements after age 18/19 can often be problematic, but guidance in exploring alternatives at this stage is also available from independent advisers. The aim is to match a placement to the young person’s own interests, enabling them to access appropriate vocational skills, qualifications and career guidance, while ensuring that any necessary therapies are continued.

Whenever a child or young person moves to a special school, the outcome for them should be special: as needs are met, difference is celebrated, and confidence and motivation increase, they can truly flourish.

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