Parents may be exploring specialist provision for a child or young person for many different reasons. Clear physical limitations or a medical condition may need to be accommodated, or a child’s social and emotional needs arising from autism or ADHD may be unmet in their current school.

Some parents may be concerned about a child without an exact diagnosis who nevertheless seems unable to reach their potential in the present classroom setting, perhaps because they have a ‘non-standard’ learning style.

Whether a child’s complex needs are not being addressed or they simply need to find a learning environment which values their ‘difference’, the right specialist staff and resources are key to helping them reach their full potential – educationally, socially and emotionally.

Waking-day curriculum

For children and young people able to board at a special school, the opportunity of an extended waking-day curriculum is also life-changing for parents, carers and siblings.

Wraparound support helps professionals to guide the children and young people in their care; teaching independent living skills and the ability to manage crucial routines will maximise each child’s or young person’s life chances. This is the work of trained professionals and leaves parents and siblings to be just that – family.

Benefiting the whole family

Achieving the best school move at the right time not only transforms a child’s future but brings significant benefits for the whole family.

Each school, day or boarding, is a community and alongside new peer groups and friendships for a child or young person come wider opportunities for family support groups and activities which can reduce stress and enrich family life for everyone.

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