Lorna Woolley

A Family Story

No two families are the same, which is why I provide a bespoke service which considers your particular needs and what is appropriate for your child.

As an example, I was recommended to a family by a prep school that had already organised an ADHD assessment for their son. The child was struggling to concentrate and whilst bright and active was missing much of what the school had to offer as he was unable to fully access the curriculum.


The family were referred to me at the point where they had to consider whether to medicate for ADHD. After some initial discussions it was decided that they would trial a low dose medication. I was able to offer practical advice, based on my own experience of ADHD medication. The parents were also concerned about making decisions regarding their son’s next school. I reassured them that waiting a few months would help us gain a greater insight into what his extra needs, if any, might be once the medication had started to help.

Approximately 10 months later we met again. Having got on top of the ADHD it was evident that there were some other underlying issues that meant he just needed a slightly different educational approach. It became apparent that his current school, whilst supportive, was not going to be able to help him reach his potential.

Once again we took our time to discuss options and find the best-fit school for him. It was decided that he should start at the new school as soon as possible and the move transformed his engagement with education. He continues to flourish – even choosing to begin boarding as he now enjoys school so much!

Moving a child from a school where they have been happy and made friends must never be underestimated. It is a time when parents can feel very torn, let down and as if a door has closed on their child. Although making that leap requires a huge amount of faith, from my experience, families rarely look back.