Lorna Woolley

Bespoke Service

In an area often fraught with emotion and confusion I offer a completely independent service, based on impartial advice regarding schools, tutoring, assessments and other professionals.

Personal experience has shown me that decisions require considerable thought and are best taken in small steps over time. I provide comprehensive information, together with practical and emotional support for parents. You will be confident that you are talking to someone who really understands your situation.

Typical Process

  • A free initial phone consultation.
  • Meeting with parents (usually for around 90 minutes) to take history and gather information, including school reports and any current assessments.
  • Reviewing your child’s strengths and your school search criteria: needs and wants / day / boarding / mixed or single-sex.
  • Based on this information, investigating possibilities, making contact with schools to check suitability, before suggesting a shortlist for consideration. This saves you time and energy, enabling you to focus only on ‘best-fit’ options.
  • Arranging for you to visit schools and providing support, either by attending with you if necessary, or helping compile a list of important questions to ask with regard to your child’s particular needs.

In practice this may also include…


Providing initial support and recommend additional assessments.


Considering both prep and senior schools.


Interpreting current assessments and their results.


Where appropriate, supporting children in their current school with additional tutoring.


Considering the importance of Common Entrance and movement between schools.


Finding schools where good SEN practice is adhered to across the curriculum and throughout the school.