Lorna Woolley


"Lorna offers the most amazing hand-holding service at a time of immense parental worry and uncertainty. Lorna’s knowledge, first hand understanding, calm demeanour and positivity helped our family through a very tense few months. Our 10 year old son had been struggling at his school… Lorna listened (for hours!), assured and guided me, kept me on track with Tom’s best interests in mind and we have successfully manoeuvred him with minimum disruption to what we are sure will be the perfect environment where he can flourish. Thank you Lorna for giving us courage!"


"It’s hard when you deviate from the core mainstream path that everyone else is following. Lorna’s reassurance and encouragement has been such a strength to me personally. I feel very confident in the school that we have chosen."

"We felt Lorna related to our concerns on a really personal level, she really does know what it means to have a child who is struggling. Meeting us in our home meant we felt relaxed and could talk openly and honestly about our son’s needs."
Marcus and Hattie.