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Do you work with children and young people whose parents are experiencing difficulty finding the right learning environment for them? I have established good knowledge of a broad range of schools right across the country, focusing particularly on non-maintained and independent specialist therapeutic provision.

Independent advice

Not being affiliated with any particular local authority, school or group of schools means I can offer parents truly independent advice. Having carefully considered professional reports I ensure that the school named in Section I of an EHC or equivalent plan is able to meet the specified needs.

Working with solicitors

Having the experience to answer many parents’ concerns and offer emotional support to families, I can enable the solicitors I work with to concentrate their resources on the legal issues. If required, I can prepare a school search report providing evidence for submission to a tribunal. Download indicative report content

My flexible, responsive approach facilitates decision-making by parents, within the timescales required by appeals and tribunals. And by encouraging my clients to use only the diagnostic professionals favoured by the solicitor I aim to ensure the continuity and quality of expert witness reports.

I have experience of working on different types of case, including medical negligence and insurance claims where a child or young person has suffered a life-changing injury. In addition to the SEND code of practice I am also familiar with the equivalent guidelines in Wales and Scotland.

Liaising with diagnostic professionals

I welcome approaches from speech and language therapists, educational psychologists, and other diagnostic professionals whose clients experience learning challenges and require help finding the right specialist learning environment.

Similarly, I am always pleased to widen the range of diagnostic professionals to whom I can refer my clients for reports as part of an EHC needs assessment.

Client profiles

I am experienced in finding schools and post-18 placements offering provision for a wide range of needs, including:

  • Autism, autism spectrum conditions, Asperger Syndrome
  • Emotional, behavioural and/or social difficulties
  • Learning challenges such as dyslexia or SpLD
  • Sensory or physical impairment.

I am delighted that my client has decided to instruct you to assist us in relation to this case. We are at the moment stuck because without a school placement we cannot really progress matters.

Head of Education Law, Cardiff

It is extremely helpful for families to work collaboratively with Lorna to find the right school and fulfil their child’s potential. Children often have complex needs and require a specialised differentiated learning environment with in-house therapeutic support. Lorna’s expertise and knowledge is invaluable in meaningfully comparing all the available options.

Educational Psychologist, Oxford

There are children who need regular SALT (speech and language therapy) intervention and some who require SALT provision to be intrinsically woven into their waking-day curriculum. The service that Lorna offers recognises the importance of getting it right and matching the resource to the child’s speech, language and communication needs.

Speech and Language Therapist, London


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